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Prison Ministry Nakuru Kenya - 2016 - Over 13,000 salvations since 2009

This year despite a big challenge of getting discipleship material God has really shown up in a wonderful way in prison discipleship program through Free to be you worksheet and Grow or Die, a great number of inmates have had their lives transformed and became true disciples of Jesus Christ. Out of this great number of inmate disciples is coming from   the Nakuru main and women prisons.

I want to let all our friends and partners in prisons ministry that God is using ISOB discipleship material and prison bars to bring the forgotten souls into intimate relationship with Himself in this wonderfull season.  We have set up 12 months classes which are covering part one orientation, part 2 Regeneration , part 3 Inner healing – using Free to be you and Discipleship part 4.

 I am still pressing on overcoming day by day winning souls from the enemies strongholds – prisons! Since the start of this year more than 3000 have receive salvations by surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ.Nakuru main prison has a population of 1,700 men and I am making three days weekly visits, being in the same location with the women prison sometimes we alternate the visits.

 Kabarnet has a population of 300 men, Tambach prison being the smallest has a population of 150 men and Eldoret Ngeria prison has 600 men. All these men have and are continuing to encounter Jesus in their lives through Isob discipleship material.

The numbers in prisons keeps going up sometimes down as some comes in and some go out on release.Praise God that all who go out relaeased leaves with a mark of discipleship in their hearts while those who comes in receives Jesus through Isob material already in prison and fellow inmates that are going through our isob discipleship program. Isob discipleship material has touched and transformed many lives from all parts of Kenya and from different religions some from islam. I luck words to appreciate you my beloved brother Larry and mum Carol, ISOB board, partners and allfriends for your great support that has made many, many souls come in the kingdom of our mighty God. 

Maurice Western Kenya

Kenya - June 18 2014Manna Ministries

In the past few weeks the Lord has had our minds on the “throwaways” in this life, people who have been abandoned by everybody, sometimes eventheir parents.  The Bible calls them Broken Reeds.  But Jesus said that He does not throw away Broken Reeds, but rather heals them.  We need to have the same mindset.

Then suddenly we receive this awesome testimony from Kenya about some Broken Reed people who are being healed by Jesus.  Read it!

We receive many testimonies from people all over the world whose lives have been touched by the ISOB books.  This testimony came via text messages from Maurice Odhiambo, the ISOB director for East and Central Africa. Maurice sent this from the refugee camps in northern Kenya. These camps are filled with thousands of people from Sudan, Uganda and Kenya who have suffered the ravages of war and human slaughter and torture.  Some months ago Maurice started discipleship groups there with ISOB books and audio books. 


Hi Dad. We are already here at refugee camp its amazing what we are witnessing. Michael (Vincent – who was visiting from the USA and a friend of Larry’s)  already thinks this could be the most genuine and effective ISOB regions. Today we went into the bush village where people have not heard the gospel and people walk half naked, no water, no food, no clothing and no church. We shed tears to see a bush church made of tree leaves which the only church in the area and was planted by ISOB student after being discipled.

More about 300 villagers gather in that church and forced to have their services on direct sun because the tree leaves hall is small. We preached the gospel today and about 100 people who heard the gospel for the first time gave their lives to Jesus.

We are starting a discipleship class for these new converts and Michael may help purchase 50 books not sure completely though to give to the new class even though more hundreds will clearly be needed and i will send photos of our mission here and you can see the people need help.  They have real hunger and thirst for Gods word.

Tomorrow we graduate and give certificate to about 100 ISOB student from refugee camp. Michael will teach and also pass your greetings and word to commissioned students. We will send them all to make disciples within and around the camps. Pray. dad..love u

We all cried with joy today. I am humbled. Cant wait to send report and photos... even me i didn’t know God was achieving these much  through ISOB for these people... thank you Lord Jesus.


“Read this to those people you are with” Larry said.  “They are not throwaways with God.”

Matthew 12:18-21 which quotes a prophecy in Isaiah 42:1-3.  "Behold! My Servant whom I have chosen, My Beloved in whom My soul is well pleased! I will put My Spirit upon Him, And He will declare justice to the Gentiles. He will not quarrel nor cry out, Nor will anyone hear His voice in the streets. A bruised reed He will not break, And smoking flax He will not quench, Till He sends forth justice to victory; And in His name Gentiles will trust."(Matthew 12:18-21).

Children used to go to the riverbeds and cut off reeds in order to make flutes.  When they bruised the reed, they would not attempt to repair it.  They could very easily discard it then go to the river and cut off another reed.  The smoking flax was like the wick in an oil lamp.  When it began to smoke instead of giving off clean light, they would simply cut off the wick that was smoking and cast it out. My paraphrase on this is, "I do not throw people away just because  they are bruised.  They are invaluable to me.  Just because your life  has been bruised, just because your life is not reflecting the light  of your God-given purpose, but is a smoking flax, I will not give up on you.  I will come and heal the bruise and restore your life so that your light may again shine with the divine purposes of God.  I will not cast you off, neither will your purpose be cut off.  Healing your bruises will cause your flax to shine bright.  Healing your inner bruises will cause you to ride upon the high places of your destiny and purpose in life."


Mmmmm! Thank you soo much for taking part with us on this day! Will read this to us. Thank you again.

Glory be to Him God the Father of Our Lord Jesus who was willing to remain bankrupt giving His only son to redeem us for Himself. Thank you Larry and mum Carol for everything you have done for me to help  mentor me into a fruitful disciple of Jesus .  “Grow Or Die has made me" I told Michael and Joel today.

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