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First you must download the proper application for reading your free Ebook.

EBooks - Kindle compatible format – works on most devices like Apple and Windows computers,IPad, IPhone, Android, etc. (MOBI)


IBooks - Many IPhone and iPad users prefer the  native Apple reader - you may download this reader from your device.  Go to Apps. Also for Apple computers you may download IReader app from the app store (our favorite). (EPUB format)

IBooks - An alternative for Apple and IPhone/IPad, Nook, Adroid (EPUB format)

and  Apple and Windows Computers download at this link:


For your Kindle tablet

1.  On your web browser go to link listed for your book.

2. When you click the book will be downloaded to your Tablet

3.  While still in the web section of your Tablet, press the menu at bottom of screen that says "downloads."

4. Select the book

5.  If you need more help send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.